Collection: Matte solid color bricks

Our range of matte solid color tiles is designed for those looking for the ultimate minimalist aesthetic. This collection perfectly combines purity and practicality, bringing endless design possibilities to your interior spaces. We offer a variety of floor tile styles, from classic square to modern rectangular, so you'll find the perfect choice no matter your design style. These floor tile styles are suitable for a variety of spaces including bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. If you're decorating a bathroom, our matte solid color tiles can help you achieve your dream bathroom design. You are free to choose the color scheme to create a warm and comfortable bathroom environment. Plus, not just for walls, our matte solid color tiles are also suitable for floors. Its wear resistance and easy cleaning make it ideal for floor tiles. Whether you're redesigning a home or commercial space, matte solid color tiles can help realize your design wishes. Create a unique space with pure colors and diverse shapes to express your creativity and taste.

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